If you are smart home buyer, you should be aware of a golden  opportunity to get back some real cash on your new home purchase or any real estate transaction for that matter.

It’s true many Texas realtors are offering upto 2% cash back towards the closing on their real estate transaction. It depends on the realtors because many of them depend on the real estate commission for living but part timers can afford to share their commission. So check with your realtor whom you are working with currently and see whether they can honor your request.

Rebate for Buyers

There are different levels of rebate contribution on the buying transaction.

  • For newer homes, you see the property on your own, 2% rebate. If help needed in finding properties, it will be 1- 1.5% rebate depending on the purchase price.
  • For pre-owned/resale homes, obviously you need help our looking at properties so its 1- 1.5% rebate depending on the purchase price..

Rebate for Sellers

Sellers can also get help by signing the listing agreement with the realtor who charges only 1-2% less of his portion for selling the property. Depending on area and property condition, I also charge 1%  less as selling agent commission.

Rebate for Renters

I will give back upto 75% of the realtor commission depending on the commission level and level of help needed.

How it works?
It is not a rocket science. It is simple and easy.

Once you find the property, call me and let know about it. You also need to mention to the builder or seller that you are represented by realtor. In sales contract, realtor info needs to be added propertly and  signed by the realtor. Before closing,  I will send out the contribution form mentioning how much will be contributed towards closing to the buyer will be sent to title company. After that, title company will process the request form and credit the amount in the closing statement. While/After closing, Realtor will collects his portion of the cheque.  That’s it.

Similarly, for selling the house you are required sign the listing agreement with the agreed upon commission rate which reflects the rebate and it will disbursed automaticaly to realtor after the closing.

Click to see the list of Recent Buyer’s Rebate contributions.

For question regarding the rebate, please check out the FAQ section or email or text/call – 281-912-3112

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