How to become a Real Estate Agent?

I was asked by many friends, clients and customers about getting a real estate license and relevant process. So I decided to add this page to give some information about real estate education and how to become Texas licensed real estate sales agent.

Getting Realestate Agent License

Become a licensed Realestate Agent

Where to take the license exam?

Fingerprint Requirement



I completed my course, took the exam and got my Active license within 5 weeks. As per Champions School, I am the first one get it all achieved in the shortest period.

1.  Take your courses  either online or classroom and complete them quickly as possible.

2. Interview perspective Brokers and Choose your Broker sponsor.

3. Apply for the TREC approval immediately as it might take 2 weeks or more with Broker Sponsor if possible.

4. Start preparing for the exam and take mock test as many time as possible.

6. Schedule the exam and finger print same day.

7. Appear for the exam, Pass it and get Fingerprint taken. Complete the broker sponsorship and send it over.

Private Schools and Online Websites

Champions School – Flexible, Affordable, Good Support, Classes taken by professionals in person, online or correspondence and All materials included.– TREC Recognized provider and has all the courses in great user friendly way online. You can look out for coupon and sign up full package or separate courses.

Texas Institute of Real Estate – All online and ebook courses – Always offers discounts – Material is well prepared as per the SAE course as I completed it this year for $139 through them. – Classes are arranged in association with Spencers and Champions school

Kaplan Professional School – Part of Kaplan Inc which offers online degrees

Texas Realestate School Online  – No idea about their offerings and level of support

Train Agents– Cheap and also pay for the exam. Never used.