New year, New Enthusiasm among buyers…

New year always brings new enthusiasm among many consumers in many different areas whether it’s weight management or changing job or having family or buying new home or something else.
Let’s stick with our topic of Real Estate. Many people usually decide to change where they live and might want to buy their first home this year. It might be their resolution which they been waiting to take action on for years. They might be just ready financially and mentally to jump on the bandwagon to be homeowner. I would like to welcome them and it might be good year to buy your home.

Market around Houston are somewhat stagnant and many builders are holding on their horses to see what’s going to happen with the oil Industry and Job market around town. Last year was bit slow due to the job losses and picked up later point. With Trump administration coming into office, that also brings some uncertainty among people. It’s not going to change much in the Real Estate Industry but possibly in Oil Industry which might have an impact in Job market cascade to the Real estate since its all interlinked.

Anyway, if you waited in side lines for so long. It’s not bad time to start your home vetting process. If you are new home buyer, Don’t forget to ask for Realtor Rebate!!!

What’s Realtor Rebate?
Many don’t even have a clue about the Realtor Rebate which is know secret in Texas Real Estate market. Realtors are allowed to share their commission with their clients in form of rebate or contribution towards their closing cost. It’s up to the realtor and client to work out how much rebate will be provided. It all depends.

I provide rebate to all transactions whether its New home or Resale or Selling your home to move to your new home. It all depends on the sales price and amount of work involved. You can see the list of Recent Rebates provided to my clients to get some idea.

For New home buyers, I only keep a flat amount and give back every things. That flat fee/amount is based on the sales price and help needed from my side. It starts from $1500 for house price $200,000 and less to $2500 for houses up to $500,000. Email me at or Call/Text me at 281-912-3112 to find out more for your situation. I am happy to help out with your new home purchase and make the experience easier with all my experience.

About Vijaianand Thirnageswaram

I am a Proud Realtor of Texas, trying to guide and help clients to find their dream home and educate them to buy them for right price. I am also a Candidate for CFP who has more financial knowledge which allows me share and educate clients in any financial decision making process.

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