Wishes for great year ahead…

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Happy New year to all of you…

The year 2013 was a great year for housing market. Real Estate industry really turned around and made a big impact in our nation’s economy and as well in many local economies. But it does put lot of pressure on Buyer’s with increasing home prices every week or so in many new communities. It was great year for sellers as many markets have turned from buyer’s market to seller market due to high demand, low inventory.

With the dawn of this new year, we can only hope that the market will continue this pace and help as many homeowners to find their dream home for a good price which they can offered. Like some prediction reports which I posted earlier in this blog, 2014 year is going to year where housing industry might find a saturation point on home prices with increase to slow down in 2nd half of the year. Many are also hoping for higher inventory to help the demand and more new homes to built do reduce the pressure and help Buyer’s on their search for their dream home.

Let’s all hope for a great year ahead…

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I am a Proud Realtor of Texas, trying to guide and help clients to find their dream home and educate them to buy them for right price. I am also a Candidate for CFP who has more financial knowledge which allows me share and educate clients in any financial decision making process.

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